Decisions & Success: What Is decision?

Being Confused and the Trait of Indecisiveness

Have you come across a very confused individual, someone who cannot make up their mind about anything and take timely decisions? They think and constantly deliberate but cannot seem to come to a conclusion. They don’t want make a wrong decision and therefore end up making no decision at all.

Different Types of decisions

I was so scared of making an incorrect decision that I would end up taking no decision at all until I was forced to make a decision.
I would think endlessly in my head about the pros and cons of each option in front of me, over and over again. This process of deliberation was mentally taxing and emotionally draining. The agony I endured reflected upon my face. I would try to delay making a decision to a point that it was no longer a decision of mine but the only remaining option. When you are forced to make a decision that you wouldn’t rather make, you are no longer in control of your life.

Then there was the other side to it. When life seemed to have stood still and yet time passed by swiftly I would panic. Whenever I saw my peers and colleagues move ahead in their lives be it a career, relationship or finances I would realize how boring and stationary my life had been and I was desperate to make a change. To escape this I would make rash, ill thought decisions that served me no purpose.

The Decision cycle

So I went from being rational in the decision making process , procrastinated about taking the decision then forced to make a decision which caused me to take rash and emotional decisions.

The Truth about Decisions

What I realized is that there is no thinking model or process that guarantees that you will take the right decisions all the time. You just won’t.
In its essence a decision is the act of coming to a conclusion after deliberating on the choices you have at your disposal. You can take a day, a week or a month, years even to think and deliberate on your choices but once you come to a conclusion, you must act.

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