Monkey See…Monkey Do

Late Last Night

I was going back home from work last night. I had the worst start to the day. I couldn’t sleep well, woke up at 10 am instead of 7 am, and made a mad dash and reached office. By the time I was halfway through the day , I was lethargic.

My Problem Is Unique

Somehow I got through the day and by that, I mean endless procrastinating and playing Candy Crush on my phone. Towards the end of the day, I was dragging my feet to go home. On the main bridge at Andheri station, there were fewer people than usual. I guess because it was already 11:20 and I thought I’d run, not because I was going to miss the train. [I hate those chumps, but what can you do when the frequency of fast trains are so less]

My Solution is Unique To My Problem

I wanted to run to break out of my lethargy. Guess what happened?
People who have been strolling peacefully on the bridge began to run as well. First one, then a couple more and in a few seconds even more joined in. I guess, they thought that the train was pulling in the platform.

Monkey See….Monkey Do…

Isn’t this what we have all been doing? We want to know the secret to success. We want to know how successful people became successful. Are you blindly trying to mimic successful people?

How about finding your way? How about finding what your strengths are and playing to your strengths? How about finding your weakness and strengthening it.

There’s a difference between learning from the best and trying to plainly emulate the best.

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