How To Attract Success Using The Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction - exampleI attended a peak performance seminar in September this year.

“I am going to show you how to make money using the law of attraction”, the speaker said. I was preoccupied and though I heard it, it didn’t register then and I had completely forgotten about it until a few days ago.

A friend of mine attended a workshop a couple of weeks later and told me that he experienced a positive outcome and he was able to make money using the law of attraction. He deeply desired to attend the workshop but was short of some cash and he believed that he was going to attend the seminar and visualized himself attending the seminar.

This was the first time I heard of a law attraction success story.

The immediate thought in my head, Really? I can just sit here and think I am wealthy and become rich?


What is Law of Attraction?

Law of attraction basically states that you can bring positive or negative experiences in your life by focusing on positive or negative thoughts. The Law of Attractions works both ways, positive as well as negative.

Is the Law Of Attraction A Marketing Gimmick?

Think & Grow Rich is expounds more on the law of attraction.
There is no fast way to become successful, it takes hard work.

There is a growing interest in the concept of Law of Attraction and there are a lot of books, audio tapes and video DVD’s that you teach you how to use law of attraction to make money, find the perfect soul mate and attract success. There are also many Law of Attraction Success Stories on the internet that I could easily find with a simple google search.

However Law of attraction has received it’s fair share of criticism too. There are those who call it a pseudo-science and say that the effect of Law Of Attraction cannot be measured nor it’s results reproduced.

A lot of people use exaggeration & over simplification to push products related to Law of Attraction to innocent & in need people, people that want to make a change in their lives, people that are willing to try just about anything to change their current situation.

People like you and people like me, who want to have a better life for themselves and for the people they care about.


What about the Law of Attraction Success Stories?

Have you heard of the placebo effect? At the surface, benefits of placebo effect sounds ridiculous because patients are given fake drugs but it produces real results. The extent of placebo effect depends on the expectation of patient receiving the treatment (sound familiar?).

It works because they expect it to work, they believe it to work.

The power of belief should not be under-estimated. In most of the law of attraction success stories that I read, people believed in themselves and got to work just like my friend who was able to make some money on the side to be able to attend the workshop.


How to Attract Success Using The Law Of Attraction?

Ideal Representation of law of attractionLaw of Attraction in essence is a combination of visualization, self- affirmation & positive thinking and most importantly taking action.



Visualize: Define What do you want in life and Why  you want it. Let it give you a sense of direction and purpose. But thinking about it is not enough, write it down. Each morning when you wake up and each night when you go to sleep, read it. Visualize that you already have it. Strengthen your mental map, each day, every day.


Strategize: When you know where you want to be & why you want to be there, getting there is just a matter of putting in efforts, focused effort. I cannot tell you how to do it, that is for you to figure out (not something you expected from Law of Attraction did you?).

I share below a table I created in my earlier post about taking the first step to success but the table below is kind of self explanatory for you to create a strategy. To delve deeper into the topic I invite you to read earlier post.

Creating a strategy to achieve your goal
Creating a strategy to achieve your goal


Take Action: Nothing is going to change unless you make changes in your life. Things will happen if you make them happen. Take all the time you need, but once you’ve made a decision, just go at it.Let the 5 Principles of Getting Things Done guide you.


Self Belief: Have faith in your self and in your abilities. Nothing sabotages one’s effort in personal success than self doubt. Sure you are going to have days when you think you can’t do it, times when you think this is not possible. (When I published this post, I re-read it and thought this is horrible, maybe I should give up and this ain’t my cup of tea, but I am still here aren’t I?)

Believe in your self, believe that you have what what it takes to get through. Find inspiration. Let the stories of people who made it inspire you.

Find inspiration within you. List down all the things you thought you couldn’t do and you did it, no matter how small.

Read it. over and over again.

Tell yourself, you can do it, you have what it takes to do it. Develop self confidence. Stay Positive in your effort. Expect the best to happen and put in your efforts expecting the best to happen.

I believe in the essence of the Law of Attraction, you must believe and then get to work.

Have your experienced Law of Attraction in work for you? What is your take on the law of attraction? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


16 thoughts on “How To Attract Success Using The Law Of Attraction”

  1. Really awesome article. Our mindset greatly influences how we see and interpret the world! I like to combine this philosophy with some meditation in the morning. I visualize that I’m going to have a very positive day, despite not knowing everything that’s going to happen to me. If find that the more I focus on being positive, and attracting success throughout the day, the easier it becomes.

  2. Hey I’ve had amazing things happen to me due to the law of attraction especially in my sports performance. For example one time I visualized myself having an amazing absolutely stunning tackle since I play football and the day that we were playing the championship game vs the highest ranked football team in the nation I had the best tackle my coach had seen in 5 years. The Law of Attractoin definitely works. cheers

    1. Hey Jose,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Law of Attraction.

      It is my personal opinion that when you believe in yourself, you can move mountains and from that perspective Law Of Attraction really works.

      I am pretty sure that you had hours on training and effort put in football and when you really believed in yourself it happened.

      Unfortunately most people feeling believing is enough. For Law of Attraction to work you need to work too.

  3. Hi, interesting to see again an article dealing with the law of attraction. I have just read another one on some other site. So this is a new terminology for me, so do not know much about it but I am a bit skeptical about this what people call a law. Is it really a law? You mentioned placebo, but online business seems to be far from this. I can believe as much as I want that my post is great, this alone will not get any traffic to my site. I do not know, perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps my problem is that I am by nature a pessimist.

    1. Hi Jovo,

      You last statement sums it up “Perhaps my problem is that I am by nature a pessimist.”.

      Believe in yourself and then set out to achieve your goals, don’t let failures be an obstacle.

  4. Hello. I have the opportunity to review some post and I must say that I am lucky to view yours. Your site exhibits to anyone reading ‘I’m going to learn something from this post.’ And actually I did. It even prompted to gram my copy of Think And Grow Rich. Thanks for that. Your site is professional and neat. I am using a tablet, so I am not sure if categories and recents post are located differently on a desk top, not sure if you’d want to have that information closer to top of page as opposed to bottom. Other than that your page is excellent. I’ve bookmarked and posted to my Facebook page and shared with my son. Thank you for your dedication. Too your success.

    1. Hey Mark,

      First of all, for me it is kind of a big deal that you would want to share this bookmark with you son, it is a big milestone for me and validates the key objective of launching this website which is primarily not to preach but to help motivate people to realize their true inner potential.

      As far as the categories are concerned, I tested it on an iphone and you need to expand the menu button on the right to view the other pages but the post should appear in a descending order, it’s something I am aware of but not been able to figure out yet.

      Thanks for the visit and I hope you keep coming back 🙂

  5. Hey there , interesting perspective on the very popular subject of Law of Attraction.I understand your friend and everyone that may get into a placebo phase.

    However , I believe that everything can work if we truly believe it.Any technique can be transformed to drive good and positive results.

    Too bad seeing some people trying to get advantage of other people but that is happening on any field of business.

    Your strategy table is very inspiring , I found 2-3 ideas I want to implement.

    Thanks for this nice read , Josh.

  6. Great words of advice there Josh! The most useful one i have stuck with recently is ‘Take Action’ You will never change where you are or where you’re going unless you take action and do something.
    Over the last year i have constantly been taking action and will hopefully be running and online business in the next year that will allow me to quit my job.
    Great work!

    1. Hey Lee,

      I wish you all the best in setting up your online business, actually I wrote a post about that too (if you want to check it out)

      I agree with you and I think taking action is the single most important thing to make progress. I hope your business takes off really well and you are able to quit your job just like my plan to have a full time business by this time next year 🙂

  7. Hi Josh
    I like your insight to the law of attraction. When I first started marketing, I did know anything about this. But I tell you once I found out of it, things really changed for me. You really hit some of the good key points, and it will really go a long way in helping people out.

    1. Hey Mark,

      I appreciate you visiting the site. I am glad to know that Law of Attraction did work for you and that it is not some mumbo jumbo and it has it’s benefits if applied correctly, perhaps you would like to share your experience so that others too can benefit from it 🙂

  8. Hi Josh,

    The friend mentioned in this post is me. Me and Josh had attended this seminar together and the next seminar was scheduled in a months time. It was a bit expensive and I didn’t have the money to pay the fees but after attending the first seminar I was impressed by the speaker and had a burning desire to attend it.

    I took action swiped my credit card (but on the back of my mind I had this perpetual question of “How am I going to pay the credit card bill”) and paid the fees for the next seminar which was a month away with a promise to myself that before the next seminar starts I will pay back the credit card bill and went around the next few days with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement of attending the next high energy seminar.

    Apart from my day job in a bank I am also a Life Advisor for a reputed Life Insurance company and work on it after office and on weekends.
    Earlier I had to run behind people for getting their life insured and buy a policy. I took the effort(just didn’t sit back and wait for the Universe to oblige to my wishes) to enquire each and every person I met with regards to selling them insurance surprisingly people were more willing to listen and buy insurance. In a week’s time I sold 5 policies (Earlier I used to sell 3 policies on an average in a month) and the commission which I earned out of it was almost the same as my credit card bill).

    I was on cloud nine. Earlier to this, I had experienced some results of the Law of Attraction but after this incident I am an ardent believer. I believe in the law of attraction and am steadily applying it in other areas of my life.

    The 2 things which need to be focused on while applying the Law of Attraction are FEAR AND ENTHUSIASM.
    If there is even an Iota of Fear that you don’t deserve what you are striving to achieve or there is no point in all these efforts you are doomed even before starting on the flip side I was more enthusiastic and excited about attending the seminar without worrying about my credit card bill and I achieved it in 2 weeks flat.

    I am very excited for my friend Josh and wish Everyday in Everyway He (Just like everyone one of us) keeps getting Healthier and Healthier, Wealthier and Wealthier.

    All the very best for your website. There really are some Mind churning, Thought provoking and Inspiring posts in here.

  9. Josh,
    I was thinking of using the law of attraction in order to help me build an online business. If I understood your post correctly I need to define what I want in life and why I want it.
    I have to be focused on what I really want, not what I think I want or someone else wants for myself.
    I need to determine the actual amount of money I will like to make with my online business and take into account how I chose that figure. This is a very informative post.

    1. Hey Juan,

      Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad you liked this post informative and helpful.

      I think you got the essence of the post. One more important thing is to write it down and keep revisiting it often to help you stay focussed.

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