About Me

Hello everyone my name is Josh and I am the founder of thehowtobesuccessfulinlifeblog.com

I am based out of Mumbai, India.

About Me - Josh
Josh @ Mumbai International Airport

My Motivation to build this site comes from my passion to help others. I’ve always dreamt of having a rich & successful life and I imagined and equated being successful with having lots of money. In Feb of 2014, I quit my job after being employed for almost 8 years, was without a job or any money coming in for close to 7 months.

I was depressed, frustrated and dejected and it was during this time I realized that apart from the support of friends & family , you need to have a strong character and determination to get through the hard times.

Repeat of Failure again!!!

It was during this time I got into the habit of reading a tons of self -improvement practices on the web. I managed to get a job with a better paycheck and a less stressful environment and with steady paycheck coming in complacency crept in and I was back to my  monotonous life again. Some bad habits that i was able to fight during the time of unemployment resurfaced again.

The Change That Happened.

I fell in love and driven with the desire to start a family of my own in the near future and to have a better life (read more money) I started on the path to self improvement again. While listening to motivational videos and reading the life of the greats who made a difference in this world (Ben Franklin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc) I realized that none of these people came from money, they were successful simply following their passion. I realized that money does not mean success, rather money is a by-product of success and that being successful is simple, not easy but fairly simple.

The Beginnings of Being Successful

Most of the people that i was inspired from had started early on, but i knew it in my heart that it was never too late for me. By spending hours analyzing myself through journaling, morning pages and meditation consistently everyday, i realized the best kept secrets to success, secrets that comes intuitively to almost everyone but most of us choose to ignore. I knew that if I wanted to turn my life around I had to take action. It has always been my passion to help others and I thought I should put up a website for others who want to have a better life. The result of this is thehowtobesuccessfulinlifeblog.com. I sincerely hope that you find this helpful and that it may enrich your life and get your closer in your path to be successful too.