10 Life Lessons To Remember For Tomorrow

10 Life Lesson I Learnt

I. You are Awesome; You Don’t Need the World to Remind You That.
II. Time Is Much More Valuable than Money.
III. Every Action Has Consequences.
In The End, You Are Responsible For Everything You Do Or Don’t Do.
IV. The Amount Of Success You Wish To Attain Should Be Directly Proportional To Amount Of Efforts You Are Willing To Put.
V. Success Never Happens Overnight, except in Movies.

VI. What The World Thinks Of You Does Not Matter, People Who Care About You Matter.
VII. It’s Not Who You Know, But Who You Help. Help Often.
VIII. Failure Is Part of the Process, not End of Process.
IX. Life Is Short, Live It To The Fullest. Celebrate Victory No Matter How Small.
X. Be Humble, Be Hungry, Never Settle For Mediocrity.

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